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Improving America's Billion Dollar Industries: From Paper Coatings to Baby Diapers

The DOW Chemical Company funds synchrotron studies in order to characterize new materials and methods for manufacturing. The synchrotron x-ray microscope was used to:

...reveal the substructure of hollow latex particles, which helped DOW researchers determine how to make them work as glossing aids in paper coatings:

figure of latex particles


Imaging using different x-ray energies reveals the composition of hollow latex particles: styrene at 285.2 eV (green) and acrylate at 288.4 eV (red)

...characterize super-absorbent polymer materials used in baby diapers:

sap graph
Crosslink density of super-absorbent polymer (SAP) beads treated in two different ways.

In all these examples, DOW used the experimental results to help develop new process technology for manufacturing plants.





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